2019 · We Are United
This campaign reinforces the brand's positioning, this time underlining the character of a brand that crosses generations, contexts, groups and geographies and that continues to celebrate the plurality of Angolans.
Agency: BUS · Creative Director: José Soveral; Copywriter: Susana Leal; Art Director: José Soveral; Production Company: Neovibe; Director: Sérgio Henriques: Executive Producer: Jorge Rocha; DOP: Vítor Rebelo (Maninho); Photography: José Silva Pinto.
2017 · We Are Cuca
Have you thought about what brings us all together?
The first Angolan beer brand refreshes its positioning with a message of unity.
It doesn't matter if you are young or old, modern or traditional, a fan of this club or the other... What unites us all is respect for the diversity and human wealth of Angolans. It is this plurality that the Cuca brand celebrates and wants to be a part of.
5" Teaser - Have You Thought About What Unites Us All?
60" Film · We Are Cuca
What brings us all together?
Whether you are old or young… 
Modern or traditional…
No matter the club you support…
We are united, we are Cuca.
Agency: BUS · Creative Director: José Soveral; Copywriter: Afonso Azevedo; Art Director: Federico Barbato, Inês Almeida, José Soveral; Production Company: Team Films; Director: João Fanfas: Executive Producer: Gildo Mariano; DOP: Vitor Rebelo (Maninho); Photography: José Silva Pinto
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