Portugal Contemporary Art Guide agenda screens
The app allows you to: 
1. Find Exhibitions, Artists, Museums, Galleries, and Collections in Portugal
2. Check out what’s going on right now in an updated Agenda
3. Learn about Opening and Ending Dates
4. Follow your favourite Artists and discover new ones
5. Get notified about what matters most to you
6. Save your favourite Exhibitions and Collections for quick access
7. Get first-hand access to Contemporânea’s exclusive editorial content
With the app Portugal Contemporary Art Guide, which works as a map, agenda and guide, Contemporânea Magazine reinforces its role as a promoter of critical thought and reflection on contemporary art practices in Portugal.
Client: Celina Brás  (Contemporânea Magazine) · Creative Direction: Diana Mota ( EAE - East Atlantic Engineering), José Soveral (Contemporânea Magazine) · Executive Creative Director: Diana Mota · Branding: José Soveral  · Designer: Diana Mota · Copywriter: Angelo Marques (EAE)· Programmer: Margarida Lucas - Project and Technical Team Management (EAE), Velcro Design, Christian Freitas · Account Executive: Pedro Patrício (EAE) · Production: Margarida Lucas - Project and Technical Team Management  (EAE) · Motion Graphics: Lucas Mano, José Soveral
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