The paper book that you read, watch and listen to.
The brand and advertising story of Galp, the largest Portuguese oil and gas company
A book with such a long storytelling had to incorporate the innovative dimension that has always been at the core of Galp.
Using augmented reality, we tell the story of 40 years of advertising, making it happen in the virtual plane of the book. Worth highlighting the visual research work of the brand's architecture throughout all its rebrandings.
Images trigger the usage of augmented reality through the app "40 Years of Energy". On the cover is the AR evolution of the logo over the last 40 years.
The Portuguese popular culture and history of each decade since the '70s are recalled and contextualised.
A "dive" into different archives revives decades-old advertising with 
incredible stories.
Here and there, along the book spreads "easter eggs" mostly in low polygon 3D are waiting to be found, turning the book into a surprising experience object.
The brand ecosystem and design offer a broad perspective on the organisation's evolution over several decades.
The examples below reveal the complex graphic hierarchy of the brand architecture throughout different eras.

The brand from 1978 till 1991.

The 1991 rebranding.

The millenium rebranding.

The 2016 polymorphic rebranding.

Advertisers, actors, strategists and designers, who defined key moments of the brand, were interviewed.
A "dive" into different archives revives decades-old advertising with incredible stories. Dozens of the most exciting and relevant Galp advertising spots come alive through AR.





Brand themes are explored in special sections. 
Agency: BUS Agency · Editor: José Soveral · Copywriting: Susana Leal, José Soveral, Elsa Bastos · Design & Art Direction: José Soveral · Desktop Publishing and Artwork: Ana Sarmento, Inês Conchinha, Federico Barbato, Alexandre Oliveira; Photography: José Caria, Galp archives, Shutterstock, Wikimedia Commons; Project Management: Sofia Marques, Alexandre Pessoa; Technological and Digital Partner: Wiz Interactive.
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